A downloadable game for Windows

Install instructions

Unzip and open "Mini Warp.exe". It should work.



Development log


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really neat game, would you ever release the music in it? id pay for that! sad its not being picked up though, i really hope it can be released in full one day at least on steam or something. 

This game probably won't fully come out. Publishers don't want it, and I don't have a big enough audience for a KickStarter. Covid came and put it to rest (probably) for good. I still promote it because I think it's pretty cool and want to share!

Delightfully, unashamedly weird and beautifully unique! OK, that's my grown-up sounding review out of the way.

A hand-drawn action game about finding a lost dog(?) sounds like a simple enough premise but the twists and turns and super strange characters make this so much more than a run-of-the-mill action adventure game.

I loved this quirky mish-mash of madness, wonder and oddness and could honestly have played a whole sackload more of it. This is a tantalising teaser of something the world wants, nay, needs in its life right now.

I was sad to see your Kickstarter campaign fall short of its target, but never give up hope. You no doubt have a wee menagerie of fans now, and with a bit more exposure for your demo I know you can propel this into the mainstream. So keep kicking butt and making awesome games, and I'll stick around to see it happen =)

I just downloaded this game and I already love! It's just so much fun!

Really nice man. There was a few points early on where I thought about stopping, wondering if there was much left to see anyway. But, I'm really glad I stuck it out. Once you figure which direction leads to the first objective it all flows really nicely. I'm being vague cause I don't want to spoil anything. I initially felt like you die too easily  but looking back it feels about right.