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GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction
TagsSurreal, Visualization, weird


Bowler by PizWiz.zip 28 MB

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Just unzip and play.

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What an insane game lol. Had a blast experiencing everything the game threw at me :)


Had a great time absolutely losing my mind to this game! 

An absolute fever dream of a game. I love it to bits!


Awesome game, great art, music, and overall atmosphere. Can't wait to see more from you in the future!

AMAZING!!! But I can't pass the maze, help :'(

wow, I really liked this


Could you make an option to give you money thank you

There may or may not be a high budget game in the making that you could throw a couple bucks towards later.

I've played through it 4 or 5 times total and I can't seem to get around the game ending (seemingly) prematurely with that big smiley rainbow fucker. I'm completely fucked to figure out any other way to progress, but god damnit I want to see more of this bizarro shitrealm you've created, and the promise of more game hidden away behind some obscure secret is so tantalizingly close that if I got a boner it would poke it in the back.

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Excellent. Please make more things!


Is there a reason the floating guy is nearly impossible to win against?

I was all for this strange idea until that thing just kept winning bc it FLOATS.

is that supposed to be a road block?

walk back to the edge and wait for it to get to you. Then run past it as it drops and push it off the edge, gotta be fast or he will fly up again.


Oh Wow!

Made a video


plz finish, it's actually so good lmao played 3 times so far


ten outta ten

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I'm not sure if i'm suppose to think the little guy is cute or, weird (perhaps both?) I don't know. The second battle with the grill monster thing is difficult and, makes me rage. I don't think you can win or, if you can it takes a ton of skill!

when he's almost at the egde u gotta go under him for half a second, he should land and then u can just blow him

Trippy !


What did I just play? <u>


A video game I made